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tv   Today  NBC  February 27, 2016 2:07am-3:00am CST

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gifford, and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. because it's day break ain't no time to breathe if you'll only believe and let it shine shine shine all around the world singing to the world singing singing >> all right, happy try day friday. that is how you open a show. that group that you're looking at, that is. crew of "disaster" musical. if you love '70s music and i know you do, they have figured
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'70s song into this musical. so they'll be in the middle of talking about something, and then all of a sudden they'll break into a great '70s song. they're going to dip in and out of our show. >> and it just is going to surprise us. >> you won't even know. >> you won't be hearing random -- you will be hearing random '70s songs. >> i got a little sneak peek at this. i don't ever hang around with celebrities -- >> come on. >> i don't. but there was goldie hawn. i thought we were going to be friends after. >> nothing happened. [ laughter ] >> we have this problem where we hang out with people on the show. remember olivia munn. >> i thought we were going to be like that. >> olivia munn gave me her phone number and nothing! >> i did it with rebel wilson and nothing.
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crowe. i'm like cheryl crowe is going to call or e-mail and she didn't. >> we're always happy to be here on friday. joy has hit a new high. she does this popular series called junk food to joy food. now there is a cookbook out. and it is flying off the shelves. people, it's crazy. >> you know what i love about it? it's stuff you can make your kids. macaroni and cheese is mila's favorite meal. favorite word. she gives a healthy way to do it, which is something that we can all do. >> most of the recipes actually came from our viewers, barbecue ribs, chicken enchiladas, chocolate milk shakes. so that was what was so much fun for me. >> do they get a cut? >> well, instead i made these. these are cos month poll tans, they're from the book.
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>> the sugary liquor. it's nice, right? >> it's there. woo! >> thanks, joy, we'll be with you in just a couple of minutes. >> it's always nice when you're in the airport, browsing around, looking for some kind of smutty magazine to page through, and instead you see this. "southern living," it's got jenna and barbara, her sister on it. it hits news stand on friday. first of all, you look so cute. you can tell how close you guys are. during the photo shoot, what were you guys doing? you sit there, you sit there. >> i turned purple. i'm breaking out in some sort of hives. but it was fun. it was funny. my parents were there, we were in florida for a cousin's wedding. so we just kind of threw it in. people were like laughing at us. henry came down and they were
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>> of them taking pictures of you guys? >> but it was so much fun and we really are kind of southerners living in the city. deep in our soul, we're still texans. >> yeah. >> and i like how we kind of have an accent. >> i love how they describe your sister, too. what did they say? >> she greets everyone with that warm smile and bright blue eyes. and i said, anyone who meets barbara adores her. that's no exaggeration. this is what she said. there's something about barbara know. maybe a favorite cousin or a best friend in high school. >> when you meet someone and you feel connected, it's like one of the most beautiful compliments. >> she's so awesome. i feel so lucky. and i said this in the magazine. i feel so lucky that i've said this sister. barbara and i have gotten in trouble before. >> of course you have. we've been on covers of magazines before but it was on "the national enquirer." [ laughter ]
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to hold my hand. i always say, i'm glad we made mistakes because being perfect is just a bore. to do this with her and now to have two girls, it's the best thing in the entire world, because i know that they're watching this relationship and will have a similar thing. >> whenever you're in the make-up room and you bring up your sister, it's always touching. >> you feel the same way. >> so if you loved television and "american idol" last night was an emotional one. so kelly clarkson came on and she is uber pregnant. she kept saying why am i sitting next to j-lo, thank you for putting me next to her. she returned as a guest judge. she's going to deliver that baby anytime. it's been 14 years since she won. and she decided to sing a song, a very emotional song called piece by piece. she wrote this song when she was pregnant with her first child. she talked about this song, right? >> she talked about her dad who left the family when she was
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relationship with him. so in the lyrics, she compares her father to the kind of father her husband will be. lyrics. it's piece by piece, he collected me off the ground, piece by piece he filled the 6 years old. he never walks away, he never asks for money, he takes care of me, he loves me, piece by piece. he restored my faith that a man stay. >> let's take a look at the end of the performance. >> he restored my faith that a man could be kind and a father could stay piece by piece piece by piece that i will never leave her like you left me and she will never have to
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i'm gonna put her first you'llhe'll never walk away he'll never break her heart he'll take care of things he'll love her piece by piece he'll restore my faith that a man can be >> kleenexes. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. that is so beautiful. >> we don't even know what to say. >> there's nothing to say. >> and watching keith urban listen and watching other people who probably felt something, that was beautiful. we love kelly clarkson. okay, let's change gears. because it's friday, we need to be happy. let's start drinking! we're going to play a fun game.
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always be around. we remember what they look like. let's take a look at some of the most famous oscar dresses and we'll see who can remember them. i've got it! halle berry. >> we got that one. >> nicole kidman! >> no. >> who is it? >> kate hudson? i didn't even get it after i saw her. >> okay, next. >> gwyneth paltrow. >> ready? okay, what's this one? >> angeline jolie! [ laughter ] >> this is the tie breaker. >> bjork! >> you won. >> you know what, i hate losing. >> i came in second. >> you hate losing, don't you? what did i win? did i win anything? >> you know what, i don't mind losing.
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>> i don't know if you will. i will survive oh as long as i know how to love i know i'll stay alive i've got all my life to live and all my love to give and i will survive i will survive hey hey [ cheers and applause ] >> what was that? oh, my gosh! by the way -- >> see, this is what we're talking about. they're going to pop up. >> i wish in my life great music would explode from somewhere. >> it does happen in my own mind. >> what's your name? rachel, you're good! >> that was fun. you're going to sing for us some more a little bit later. >> can you survive without chocolate? >> not at all. >> you don't have to because joy
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helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. do you want to make love or do you just want to fool around you can take it seriously or take it somewhere else >> excellent! again from "disaster" the musical. we don't want to make love, but we do want to make chocolate. >> no love today! we want chocolate. but the only problem with chocolate, it can be loaded with fat and calories. but not anymore, because joy bower has come up with healthier versions of our favorite guilty pleasures. >> she put this together in her cookbook from junk food to joy
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all the food you love to eat but they're better. congrats on your book. we're really happy about your launch day. >> thank you so much. what is so exciting for me, the toughest part about sticking to a deet is that you crave all these comfort foods. so now people can eat everything that they like and still lose weight. >> there's 115 recipes in this. >> more than that. >> more than 115 recipes, including things like pancakes. >> when you crave a pancake, there's nothing that really makes you feel good, but you figured it out. >> i asked my family and they all said chocolate and then they said chocolate chip pancakes. so when you go to a diner, typically the chocolate chip pancakes will be 968 calories. >> that is a surprise. that's a lot. >> almost a thousand calories.
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that and i'm going to make double chocolate chip pancakes. we have flour and cocoa powder. and eggs. we'll start with the dry ingredients. hoda, grab your whisk. excellent, cocoa powder added in, white and whole grain flour. >> do you have to have the white? >> you can. the combination of some regular and some whole wheat gives it a perfect pancake consistency. this is ground flaxseed. >> i love flaxseed. >> increase the fiber. we have baking powder, not chocolate yet. and a little bit of salt. now we'll do the wet ingredients. we do this separately. one whole egg and one egg white. one cup of skim milk, or any milk you like. canola oil, vanilla extract. pour the wet into the dry.
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>> and fold in your chocolate chips. dark, semi-sweet chips. >> so good. >> i don't know what fold means. >> just dump them in and mix them around. >> here's what the batter looks like. i already put some right on here. >> that looks really good. >> this is what it's going to look like. >> i love flipping pancakes. >> look how gorgeous they are. >> i'm not kidding, i have very few skill sets. >> there you go. >> close enough. >> still going to be great. >> the other version was 968 calories. my version with whipped cream and shaved chocolate is only 275. >> what? >> see what you think. >> is this hers with almond milk? >> yeah, these are dairy-free. these are made with almond milk so we can make sure hoda can have it. >> what do you think? >> good.
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whip cream. >> why are you doing that? >> i don't think readyy whip has whipped cream in it. >> i have chocolate all over my mouth. >> carrots up if you like it! >> next up, chocolate bars. a standard size is about 240. i'm going to show you the simplest way to make a chocolate bar with two ingredients. i have two cups of semi- sweet dark chocolate chips. i've melted it in the microwave. two cups of gluten free puffed rice. mix it around. >> is all puffed rice gluten free? >> this is brown rice so we're increasing the fiber. >> now what do you do? >> after this, we're going to dump it into a baking dish lined with parchment paper. >> and then you cook it. >> no, you put it in the refrigerator.
2:24 am
up, and my version only has 148 calories. >> oh, my god. these are really great. >> home run. >> you did it again. >> thank you. >> don't forget to pick up joy's book. it's on sale right now. do you have wires running down your wall from your flat screen tv? >> we'll show you some solutions to hide them in style. >> and we know where the kids want to go this weekend. zoo topia! >> jenny slate is here! >> right after this. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. let's get these dayquil liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast-max.
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actress, comedian and best selling author jenny slate -- has appeared in nearly 50 tv shows and films. >> we remember her from when she played hoda -- on "snl" with kristin wiig.
2:28 am
jenny is lending her voices the deputy mayor in the new animated film, zootoppia. >> this is fun, i never get to do anything important. >> he did give me that nice mug. feels good to be appreciated. >> that's us, fun little name he likes to use. i called him lion fart once, he did not care for me. >> oh, my gosh, i love it. >> well, thanks. >> i have a two and a half-year-old. the types of movies we like are kind of for adults, too. this seems like it might have this kind of humor. >> certainly for both. i started in comedy, it's important for me that the comedy is strong. i went to the premiere with a bunch of my friends who were
2:29 am
like, oh, god. >> what did they say? >> they laughed so hard. >> when you do that, is it just you solo, or do you interact with other actors? >> this time around it was just me solo and the directors are there and it's really wonderful. it's fun to improvise a bit and they let me do that a bit. >> and your character start out sweet and nice. does she end up that way? or is she one of those? >> you're going to have to watch to find out. sfl is she multi dimensional? >> aren't we all? >> we have to ask about play -- playing hoda, or i do. where did you get that inspiration? >> please, please. the wine bottle? >> i watched kathie lee and hoda before i was on "snl," and i was they were like you're going to do hoda now. i was like this is so sacred. i'm not going to be able to do her justice.
2:30 am
>> isn't that great when kristin wiig does kath? it's exactly like watching our show. it was like verbatim! >> is your-- do you have to play it kind of straight? >> well, you have the fear going a little bit. but it's so hard to -- i think kristin, even just standing still, it's so funny. it the light source inside of her. >> there are a lot of big names, octavia spencer. >> this one octavia is in there. and we have j.k. simmons, jason bateman bateman, jennifer goodwin. >> and it coming out -- >> hopefully they make it out of the can. i have a lot and i have a lot of
2:31 am
my dog. >> it is in theaters on march 4th.
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2:33 am
bad, that's coming up. >> it is try day friday. we have a woman here who can do it all. >> yes, we sure do! i am strong, i am invincible, i am woman, i am woman hear me roar >> yes! oh, my gosh! what is going on there? they're a couple of the cast members of the new 70s broadway musical called "disaster." but they keep popping up everywhere. >> thank you, that was outstanding. >> filling in for kathie lee today, a strong and invincible woman, jenna bush hager. >> you know who else is here?
2:34 am
>> home and lifestyle expert lor i -- lori. >> we all have wires hanging down from our tvs and a bunch of remotes hanging around. you are our solution person. >> yes. so we all want our homes to be really beautiful, but we live with this ugly stuff, like routers, computer wires. let me show you a few things. >> how do you know that we live like that? >> everybody does. >> you won't know that but behind the fabric panel are all the wires. >> smart. if you don't want to open up your wall -- for the mounting hardware -- >> that's expensive. and if you're renting, you can't do that. i took and made this panel and made this hole. so put the fabric panel on and flop the tv on. on this table i've got remotes, wires, routers see if you can find them. >> there they are. >> exactly. >> i've hidden the stuff in plain view.
2:35 am
>> here, i have a router and wires and see if you can find them. what i did was just take off the pages off the book, glued them together, see the wires just go back. and these are actually on my end table at my home. >> what are those? >> these hold all my remotes. >> i said all your husband's remotes. >> none of them are yours. you can get these at places like flea markets. big box retailers. home goods, target, that kind of thing. >> it so much nicer when it's not cluttered. >> says hoda. >> says me, the person who lives in clutter. >> you can use any book and hollow it out. hide your stuff in there. it's super easy. this is just a plain old book, dip it in glue. this is school glue. paint it on, let it dry overnight and the next day, feel this.
2:36 am
>> then how do you cut through all that? i traced my remote -- and take an x-acto knife -- >> careful with the knife. >> and then you just work at it. it take like half an hour. if you feel inside, i glued the inside, too. >> cool. >> right? >> it's all hiding the ugly stuff. now, charging station. you know at night you've got your smartphone -- >> yes. >> you're tricking us. >> in here i have my e-reader, my iphone. in here. >> and that's safe in there. >> perfectly safe. >> you're not supposed to leave >> so clean and so beautiful. all i did was string the wire down the back. >> show me some before and afters. >> this is my actual office. here i am supposed to be the expert at this stuff and i live like this, too.
2:37 am
all i did was take some jute rope i got at a hardware store. it's like a few bucks. i just started wrapping. this is what it looks like after. >> much better. >> so here's the before and the after. and the whole thing took me, i don't know, 15 minutes. >> you're right, it looks a thousand times better. and it took me just a few minutes and super clean. >> thank you for all you do. >> you did it again. you did it again. >> now we've taken care of your wires. it's time to take care of your freezer. >> we'll show you how to keep your food fresher longer. >> right after this. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one.
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all right. how many times have you opened
2:41 am
just fell out on to the floor? >> pretty much every day. or you pulled out leftovers of old packaged meat and it had freezer burn all over it. >> if that happens to you, you're not alone. >> we called in madeleine. >> before we get to those, madeline went to the home of some different people. who were they? >> gina -- >> she's a 33-year-old wife, mom, schoolteacher, needed help in getting organized and getting her freezer into shape. let's take a look. >> let look at this. it's ice cream. the lid says rocky road and the container say peanut butter and chocolate. >> it's a hybrid. >> it looks like it's seen better days. >> these are costly items. still safe to eat but they're going to lose flavor. wrap them and keep them tightly wrapped. >> this we'll put in a little -- >> zip lock? >> let's take a look at your
2:42 am
you have these packs. another freezer burn. another freezer pack. we have to consolidate and down size a little with this. this you did a really great thing. you took the original packaging, you opened it up and you put it back in the bag. >> i did something right. thank you. >> that's a good one. >> regroup and repack and now we're ready for the big reveal. i'm excited. >> your new freezer. >> oh, wow. so much better. thank you so much. >> high five. >> took care of business. so you're going to help us fix our freezers now? is that what you're going to do? >> no matter what size your freezer, first you want to have a clean freezer and have a freezer thermometer. you can't just stick your head
2:43 am
>> it has to be zero? >> yes. basics that everyone has -- >> let's start with the fruits and vegetables. frozen fruits and vegetables are great. berries if you can have them, there's no way to seat what you need. a splurge if you can for the cook in the bag vegetables. you stick them in the microwave. any extra step is a barrier. things like coffee, can you put it in an extra bag and it can be good for a year. >> why in the freezer? >> it stays fresher in the freezer. let's get to the ice cream. smaller amounts. >> how long does it take for ice cream to go bad? >> yeah, i would have eaten that. >> tastes good, actually. >> well, the taste and texture won't be the same but it will still be okay. all of this stuff in the freezer is safe to eat. it's just the taste, texture, is going to be really weird. >> wait, my mom used to do this when we were little. this is how he cooked. you put grapes in the freezer and they're like lollipops.
2:44 am
ten-pound bags, and what do you do with them? make popsicles. you can freeze your your leftovers really well, but if you're going to have them more than a week, double-bag them. >> how long would beef stew last, for example? >> about three months or so, it will be safe to eat longer than that, but it's not going to taste good. >> sometimes you feel like foods from one thing go on to another thing. you eat something and it doesn't taste right. >> that's true. >> especially ice. put this in baggies. it doesn't get the freezer smell. this is what you want to look at. baked goods, you want to wrap them up. foil can be your friends, as long as you label things. you don't remember what's going on. >> got about a minute left.
2:45 am
>> don't rush her. >> sorry, sorry. >> when you go to the supermarket, this is fine. you can put it in the freezer for about a week or so. if it longer than this it, can get ice crystals -- >> when you use the word knarl -- gnarly, i don't want to eat it. >> and find out the one food you should never freeze -- >> we want to know now! >> too bad. go online. >> madeleine, we love you. >> you did it again. >> find out the one food you should never freeze. you have to go online. >> i want to know now! >> too bad! >> get ready for your favorite hits, the cast of "disaster" is
2:46 am
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"today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> we have been having a blast from the past, listening to some of the most unforgettable songs from the '70s from the cast of broadway's new musical comedy called "disaster." they're going to perform in just a minute, but first let's meet the cast and co-writer. >> hi. >> can you just show what this is about, people are going to flock to it. >> it's a 1970s disaster movie as a disaster, earthquake, tidal wave, everything. every single song from the 70 pulitzer prize basically like 40 hit songs. kerry butler's attitude, razor york. victor victoria, from back street boys, match from greece. kevin chamberlain. >> oh, my gosh!
2:51 am
take it away, baby! >> i love that. >> welcome to the opening of -- i don't want to lose you, this good thing that i got if i do i would surely surely lose a lot because your love is better than any love i know it's like thunder lightning the way you love me is frightening you better knock knock knock on wood baby ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh baby better knock knock knock
2:52 am
babe better knock knock knock on wood better knock >> i can't live, if living is without you i can't give, i can't give anymore i can't live if living is without you i can't give i can't give anymore i can't live we have made it to the top i gave you all i had to give why did it have to stop you've blown it all sky high by telling me a lie
2:53 am
you've blown it all sky high by telling me a lie without a reason why, we've blown it all sky high >> we've been married 35 years. you're still the one that i love to touch still the one and i can't get enough we're still having fun and you're still the one you are still the one who can scratch my itch still the one that i wouldn't switch we're still having fun and you're still the one >> hey good looking, what brings you to my casino? >> looking for a lover who needs another
2:54 am
want to share my love with a warm blooded lover i'm looking for some hot stuff baby this evening i need some hot stuff baby tonight i want some hot stuff baby this evening got to have some hot stuff got to have some love tonight i need hot stuff looking for hot stuff i found hot stuff >> yeah! >> that was awesome. thank you so much for giving us that little taste. disaster is currently in previews and opens march 8th. >> we love it. we're back in a moment, but
2:55 am
>> this was so good. knock knock knock on wood ck knock on wood test nation, it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatest challenges. this is why we search for the best and brightest. why we train for every eventuality on land and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission. win. seems like we've hit a road block. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea... ...gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life.
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>> okay. so how you feeling? okay? >> not as good as i thought i was going to feel after joy's cooking segment. >> i told you so. sorry, guys. have to come in here, department of corrections. someone, hoda, maybe made a boo-boo. >> what did i say? >> we said that reddi whip is not made with real cream. it is. in fact, it's on the label. >> which explains why i'm glad the show is over right now. >> and it says why it's so
2:59 am
>> and the first ingredient it -- it's real cream. >> i hope you feel good later today. >> let me see that. >> i wouldn't eat it if i were you. >> that explains a lot of different things. >> thanks so much. we have a special surprise on monday. if there's one more day in february, you're going to get more talk on monday. more talk. you liy the talk. and guess who is going to be here? your favorite. >> who? >> j-lo. she's going to have some fun with us. >> and bobby has some red carpet fashion re-dos. >> all right, we'll have all bye. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica.
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i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not ju to entertain but to teach and coach. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. we've had a good week. the economy's better. maybe earnings season's been terrific. we've been going higher because oil's going up. and there's really nothing else to it. that's why this market started so strong today and then petered out when oil reversed. closing down 57 points. s&p backsliding .19%. nasdaq .18%. oil was strong. this oil makes everything very difficult to figure out. because if a company reports an amazing quarter on a day when oil goes down, the stock will get hit regardless. but if oil is flying -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> -- you can bet that even a mediocre quarter will be rewarded with applause and a


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